One More Day EP

by Panda Trap

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released October 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Panda Trap UK

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Track Name: The Same Way
I have feelings for you I can't explain
All sensibility down the drain as I'm walking four miles in the rain
I'll do things for you that I would not do, for anybody else if they asked me to
There really is something special about you

What if you don't feel the same way, you don't play the games that I play in my mind
Then I'll see this world is not for me, it's not what I thought it would be
and I'll leave you all behind

Something, I need to do something to get you back
Get out of the drain and get off the crack, get out of this mess with my heart in tact
I'll do things for you that I would not do for anybody else if they asked me to
There really is something special about you
Track Name: When You Come By
He likes to think he has a charm
He's got his surname on his arm
Spend some time for a while
You'll be enchanted by his smile

"Roll in soon" said I
It's always nice when you come by
Don't leave me again
I'll Always need you as a friend

He's older now- he's still the same
He's got two children to his name
I see him every now and then
He likes to think that we're still friends
Track Name: Colder
I've known a lot of boys which grow up with clever ploys that never seem to work
I've known a lot of times when they worked just fine, but that was back then- things have changed.
Growing isn't easy when week days seem to seize me

Wednesdays colder than your ice caves, colder than your fake names
Like water to the sea
(Take it from me)

I never seem to feel right unless I'm drunk as I was last night, I don't know why
As we get older, days get shorter nights get colder, and then we die
Track Name: One More Day
See the size of my pupils when I say,
Realise that you're not doing it the right way
Why must you always cry? I just let it pass me by.
(Sweet guitar solo)

Sometimes I will try to help an old bird fly
At first they will be scared but then they won't mind
Just give me one more day, I'll help you find your sound the right way
I don't care what you say, 'cause this is how I play.

(Sweet guitar solo 2)
Track Name: All You're In
I hear the screams, I can't bear it.
It's just the pay that's keeping me
Because the hat fits- I'm forced to wear it
But this is not what I want to be.

The bell chimes, get in line
Tell me all the things you know
To tell the truth- we have no proof
If it was up to me I'd let you go

Its all during soldiering
It's all you're in, it's all you're in
Soldiering, torturing
(It's all you're in, its all you're in)

Far away their wives are crying
They don't know what to believe
He's still alive and he's still trying
To write the letters they won't receive